Under the name of HolicBuy, the On Time Group recently launched a new service to offer European webshops access to the Chinese Online market. The Chinese market has an enormous potential, with over 540,000,000 online shoppers (of which an increasing number prefer European products). However, many European entrepreneurs postpone taking initiatives regarding the Chinese market because of the barriers that exist when dealing with this market.

The all-in-1 formula of Holicbuy

HolicBuy has responded to this and can assist European Online retailers with a successful entrance on the Chinese online market. HolicBuy distinguishes itself by carrying out all services through its own organisation without the intervention of third parties. The client has one point of contact, short and direct communication lines and a central management of the departments from our offices in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. As a part of the On Time Group, Holicbuy has a solid foundation. HolicBuy has an own E-commerce platform: 

But it also facilitates the European webshops that want to reach their target group independently or through other Chinese platforms. The employees of Holicbuy speak Dutch, English and Chinese.

Three packages

Holicbuy has composed three low-threshold packages on the basis of different e-commerce objectives and the available budget to help European online retailers reach Chinese consumers. In order to supplement these packages, HolicBuy can also take care of the marketing phase. A client-specific marketing plan is drawn up on the basis of pre-defined budget and carried out by Holicbuy.

1. Starter’s package

Holicbuy adapts the current webshop of its client to the Chinese market. For example, Chinese translations are made available and there is a link with a payment module that can handle all local Chinese payments (Ali Pay / Ten Pay & Union). In addition, Holicbuy handles the logistical process from Europe to the end user in China. The webshop therefore functions in a way that the client is accustomed to. Moreover, orders from China are sent and handled by Holicbuy. There is a customer support service for questions about the logistical phase and payments.

2. Holicbuy package

Holicbuy places (a part of) the range of products of a European retailer on its own platform The client remains in control. Holicbuy places a limited stock in its warehouse in Hong Kong and then takes care of the entire sales phase. Pricing and product description are decided in joint consultation. Sales through are more than merely sales transactions: Holicbuy realises the right branding in consultation with the client and offers sound customer support at very attractive rates.

3. Third-party webshop package

Holicbuy can assist European webshops who want to operate on a larger scale in realising their own website in China or who want to access larger Chinese shopping platforms such as, or