IT Support

Insight into your supply chain

When you’re shipping goods around the world, it's essential you receive accurate information on time. We put a lot of energy into this and have developed software that gives you insight into your supply chain. Our various visibility tools allow you to manage and monitor your shipments with ease. 

What can our IT support offer you?

In today’s global economy, successful companies need to be able to access information instantly in order to make quick decisions. Over the years, On Time has invested heavily in designing and implementing our own highly efficient and effective IT platform, which includes:

  • Freight Management
  • Online Booking 
  • Document Management 
  • PO Management 
  • Tracking & Tracing

Capabilities and benefits

Our system is designed with EDI capabilities and can be linked to our partner agents, customers and suppliers systems to allow for seamless flow of real time information. Our dedicated IT support desk in Hong Kong is on-hand 24 hours a day to assist with technical support, training and any general queries, allowing you to have the necessary information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Our visibility tools allow you to manage and monitor your shipments with ease.