Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Board of Directors

List of Directors and their Role and Functions

Audit Committee

  • Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John (Chairman)
  • Mr. Lin Kai
  • Mr. Li Donghui

Terms of Reference Audit Committee

Remuneration Committee

  • Mr. Xu Junmin (Chairman)
  • Mr. Yu Huijiao
  • Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John

Terms of Reference Remuneration Committee

Nomination Committee

  • Mr. Yu Huijiao (Chairman)
  • Mr. Li Donghui
  • Mr. Xu Junmin

Terms of Reference Nomination Committee

Corporate Governance Committee

  • Mr. Lam Chun Chin, Spencer (Chairman)
  • Mr. Li Xianjun
  • Mr. Li Donghui
  • Mr. Xu Junmin
  • Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John

Terms of Reference Corporate Governance Committee

Communication with Shareholders

Memorandum and Article of Association
Procedures for Nomination of Directors by Shareholders
Shareholders’ Communication Policy
Shareholders’ Rights

Contractual Arrangements

  • OT Thailand

Share Pledge Agreement
Loan Assignment
Letter of Undertaking

  • OT Vietnam

Loan Agreement (Year 2013)
Charter Capital Mortgage Agreement (Year 2013)
Letter of Undertaking (Year 2013)
Proxy (Year 2013)
Loan Agreement (Year 2005)
Charter Capital Mortgage Agreement (Year 2005)
Letter of Undertaking (Year 2005)
Proxy (Year 2005)


Policy for Employees to Raise Concerns about Improprieties (Whistle Blowing Policy)



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